The journey begins…again!

Welcome back, future readers!

It’s been a while since I even considered posting a blog… In the spirit of being more transparent, I confess that I have fallen prey to the “I’ll remember this idea later” in the past…but as of today, no more! This is my first big mental step into the new year and thankfully my brain still works.

Getting down to it, I think I need to create more content!.. right?.. RIGHT! So, here I go, starting my journey, reorganizing my website, and digging deep into the topics I want to discuss. It’s taken me a few months but I can already taste the pure joy of looking up my website and seeing the best version of me.

Once I find a nice aesthetic, I will do my best to maintain my social media. No promises though. I think now more than ever, I prefer writing and posting photos that ground me and center my thoughts.

“Time is running out!” used to cloud my brain space. For a while, it was pretty upsetting and possibly a source of stress… It was definitely a constant internal nag that repeated,” If I don’t create something awesome or head-turning RIGHT NOW it won’t ever happen!!!”

Present me knows how self-deprecating and completely false that mindset is for me. Ultimately, everyone needs time and goes at their own pace of progress. I had to reprogram my brain to finally decide:

Don’t stop! Even if you fall on your face, DO NOT STOP trying! Failure is an option and success always follows. You can be anywhere at any point in your life and still decide to be the best you, you can be. That is enough for me.

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The hard times and stressful moments can’t cloud this feeling of opportunity rushing through my entire being. I’m beyond thankful that I’m not throwing myself into the pit of “Do nothing. Who cares?”

\(o-o)/-“I care! You can do it!”

I don’t know what is coming my way. I certainly don’t know what I’m eating tomorrow… but the little person inside me keeps saying, “Go for it.”. So here I am, giving you a piece of me and a smile while silently hoping that I don’t fall asleep on myself again.

I’m just about wrapped up for today so I’ll end my first 2022 post like this.

I don’t fear failure. It’s not an option for me. This life and the people that I’ve met helped me realize:

I’d rather chase and ask for what I want instead of allowing fear to keep me from trying to achieve my heart’s desires.

Signing off for now,



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